The retreat will take place in the jura BIO farmhouse Le Pécal, with a guesthouse. We will be staying in the guesthouse, which has dormitories so we’ll be sharing rooms with 2 or three persons. No private rooms available.
Visit Le Pécal website for more details.

Route d’Alle 1
2952 Cornol

What to bring

Casual and warm clothes, comfortable shoes for walking, towels will be provided.

How to get there

From Zürich, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne:
Take a train to Courgenay, (from some destinations you will have to switch train at Biel/Bienne), and then take the bus at the stop Courgenay, Petite Gilberte Bus 76 7637 Direction Charmoille, douane until Cornol, bas du village.
The farm will be 448 m away from the stop by foot.

Access Map