In order to register, please fill in this form.
Because our budget is limited, the number of participants is also restricted. Depending on the number of submissions we may have to proceed with a selection.

All costs will be covered, which include food, drinks, accommodation and most train tickets.
Transportation costs are covered as far as possible, as we have a limited budget.

Timeline for registration

February 26 Registration opens
May 15 (at latest) confirmation of the acceptance

Who can participate ?

Master or doctoral female participants with

  • diversity of training, stage of research or project advancement, and cultural background
  • availability for the 3 days
  • studying / working in Switzerland

The number of places are limited to 10 persons.
We cannot guarantee a place above this limit.

If you do not cover all the criteria but think your participation would still be of interest for the whole group, please register and we will carefully examine your submission.


The participant accepted in the retreat needs to buy the train ticket herself and send the documents and information below to

  • Train ticket invoice
  • Personal information related to the banking account:
    • Name, Surname
    • Private address (street and no.)
    • Postcode and city
    • Country
    • IBAN

The costs cannot be refunded if you buy the tickets for another person.